Gastropology CEO

Sergio Gil

Social anthropologist, historian, food researcher and SlowFood cook ... "Read more"

Department of applied anthropology 

Federica Marzioni

UD in Cultural Anthropology from La Sapienza Roma University. "Read more"

Domotic systems and technology department

Antonio Martínez

Senior Architect from Sevilla ETSA. He designs solutions which combine image and use. He becomes expert on state-of-the-art facilities to create comfortable and low-energy  atmospheres in 2015.

Ecodesign and sustainable Architecture department

Rubén Esteve

Technical Architect who has developed different roles throughout  his fifteen years career. He discovers a new social and energetic model in the Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Construction. 

José Miguel Martín

José Miguel Martín, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (1974). UD in English Philology from ULL (Tenerife) and Graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology from UNED. He focuses on studying the relationship among food, gastronomic heritage and identities. 

The Anthropology of feeding 

Mario Cañizal

Expert on Sustainability

Economist, Foodservice manager, editor and founder of ‘Restaurantes Sostenibles’ (‘Sustainable Restaurants’). Nowadays he is Executive Vice President of ‘Restaurantes Sostenibles’ (‘Sustainable Restaurants’).

Elena Cerezo

Fourth grader student of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at Basque Culinary Center. At present she is doing her end-of-degree project on ‘Gastropology’, developing the role of the Sustainability Management Principal at the Restaurant. 

Research Deputy

Esther Merino

She submits her end-of-degree project at ‘Human Capital Leadership for Hospitality Industry;  "Read more"

Researcher and Gastronome