Sergio Gil

UD in Contemporary History and Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sergio Gil increases his knowledge with several postgraduate courses in Archaeology and an official master in Cultural Ethnography from ‘Universitad de Barcelona’, developing a research Project about kinds of socialisation in the Bar/Restaurant framework. 
He suggests the term ‘Gastropolgy’ to define a subfield within social and cultural Anthropolgy which identifies the empirical research and the production of theories about human being conducts, reactions and cultural icons in relation to restaurant business. 

PhD student at Basque Culinary Center, carries out a research on social, political and cultural dimensions of the gastronomic fact, under the leadership of Manuel Delgado

Associate Professor at ‘Mondragon Unibersitatea’ (Basque Culinary Center Gastronomic Sciences Department) and at ‘Universitat de Barcelona’ (CEET).

He is a member of GRECS, Excluded Research Group and Social Control at Barcelona University.

He manages three different research teams in Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian who implements ‘Gastropology’ concept in gourmet food and haute cuisine.

He currently presides over The Sustainable Restaurant Association from which he coordinates  courses on ‘Pioneers in Comprehensive Sustainability in Restaurant Business’ and drives the initiative ‘ Sustainability Ongoing’ divided in several specialised monographs.

Responsible for CUBIK HUB Barcelona 2020 project.

He joined Slow Food Movement in 2004 as a chef for ‘KM 0’ and ‘Tierra Madre’, joining the bars and restaurants to be part of  ‘Taberna y Cafetín’ Group in Barcelona.